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What Fish Are In Season In Key West?

Thinking of visiting Key West for some fishing? Then it’s important to know which fish are in season and ready for your rod and reel. With its beautiful turquoise waters and abundant marine life, Key West is a paradise for anglers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice fisherman, this article will guide you through the different fish species that are currently in season in this tropical haven. From the popular mahi-mahi to the elusive bonefish, there’s a wide variety of fish just waiting for you to cast your line and reel them in. So get ready to embark on your fishing adventure and discover the bountiful treasures that Key West has to offer.

What Fish Are In Season In Key West?

If you’re a seafood lover or an avid angler, few places can compare to the fishing paradise that is Key West. Known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, Key West offers a wide variety of fish that are in season throughout the year. Whether you’re casting your line from a charter boat or trying your luck from a pier, here are some of the most sought-after fish species you can expect to catch in Key West.

What Fish Are In Season In Key West?


Grouper is a staple in Key West and is highly regarded for its firm texture and mild, sweet flavor. This fish can be found in abundance throughout the year, with peak seasons occurring from late spring to early fall. Key West is home to various grouper species, including Black Grouper, Red Grouper, and Gag Grouper. Whether you choose to prepare it grilled, blackened, or fried, grouper is a crowd-pleaser that will satisfy your seafood cravings.

Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail Snapper is another prized fish that can be found in abundance in the tropical waters of Key West. Known for its bright yellow stripe and delicate, white flesh, this species is a favorite among both locals and visitors. While yellowtail snapper can be caught year-round, it is most plentiful during the warmer months. Lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection, yellowtail snapper is a culinary delight that will have you craving for more.


Mahi-Mahi, also known as dolphin fish, is a highly sought-after game fish in Key West. Sporting vibrant colors and impressive fighting abilities, this fish is a thrill to catch. Mahi-Mahi is prevalent from late spring to early fall, coinciding with the peak offshore fishing season. With its firm, white flesh and mild flavor, Mahi-Mahi is a versatile fish that can be grilled, seared, or used in various seafood dishes.


Wahoo, often referred to as the “bullet of the sea” due to its incredible speed, is a prized catch among anglers in Key West. This sleek and powerful fish is known for its mild, delicate flavor and firm texture. The peak season for Wahoo in Key West runs from late winter to early spring. Whether you’re trolling or casting, landing a Wahoo will undoubtedly be an exhilarating experience that you won’t soon forget.

What Fish Are In Season In Key West?

King Mackerel

King Mackerel, also known as Kingfish, presents a thrilling challenge for fishing enthusiasts in Key West. These fast-swimming fish are prized for their speed, strength, and the exciting fight they put up once hooked. King Mackerel can be found in Key West’s waters year-round, with peak seasons occurring from fall to early spring. Whether you’re targeting them for sport or for a delicious meal, King Mackerel is a true testament to the diversity of fish available in Key West.

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna is a smaller cousin of the larger and more elusive Yellowfin Tuna. Known for their intense speed and acrobatic jumps, Blackfin Tuna provide an adrenaline rush for anglers seeking an exciting fishing experience. These fish can be caught year-round in Key West, but they are most abundant during the summer months. With its tender, deep-red meat, Blackfin Tuna is a prized catch that can be enjoyed raw in sushi or prepared in various mouthwatering dishes.


Sailfish, with their distinctive sail-like dorsal fins and remarkable speed, are considered one of the ocean’s most prized game fish. These athletic creatures can reach speeds of up to 68 miles per hour, making them a thrill to catch. While Sailfish can be found offshore in Key West’s waters year-round, they are most prolific during the winter months. Catching a Sailfish is not only an accomplishment but also a breathtaking experience that will make for a memorable adventure on the open seas.


Amberjack, often referred to as the “reef donkey,” is a tough fighting fish that is sure to test your angling skills. Found near reefs and wrecks, Amberjack can be caught year-round in Key West. These muscular fish are known for their aggressive strikes and powerful resistance, providing anglers with an exciting battle. Amberjacks have a rich, white flesh that is excellent for grilling or baking, making them a favorite for seafood lovers.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper, with its vibrant color and delicious white meat, is a prized catch in Key West. Found near reefs and rocky outcrops, Red Snapper can be caught year-round, but they have specific seasons with stricter regulations to ensure sustainable fishing practices. This species is known for its mild, sweet flavor and delicate texture, making it a favorite choice for various culinary preparations. Whether you choose to pan-fry, bake, or grill it, Red Snapper is sure to satisfy even the most discerning seafood lover.


Lobster season in Key West is a highly anticipated time for both locals and tourists. From August to March, the annual spiny lobster season offers the opportunity to catch these delectable crustaceans. Known for their sweet and tender meat, spiny lobsters are a true delicacy. Whether you prefer them grilled, steamed, or in a buttery lobster roll, indulging in a freshly caught Key West lobster is an experience not to be missed.


Key West boasts a wide variety of fish species that are in season throughout the year, offering anglers and seafood enthusiasts a paradise to explore. From the prized Grouper and Yellowtail Snapper to the thrilling Mahi-Mahi and Sailfish, there is something for every taste and fishing preference. So pack your fishing gear, book a charter, or head to the pier – the waters of Key West are waiting for you to cast your line and reel in the catch of a lifetime. Happy fishing!