Where Can I Fish From Shore In Key Largo?

If you’re itching to cast your line and reel in some unforgettable fishing experiences, look no further than the captivating shores of Key Largo. Known as the “Diving Capital of the World,” Key Largo offers an equally impressive range of opportunities for the avid angler. From stunning beaches and scenic bridges to tranquil piers and bustling waterfront parks, this island paradise presents a multitude of options to satisfy your desire for a successful shoreline fishing adventure. Whether you’re a skilled angler or a beginner looking to hook some excitement, Key Largo has just the spot for you.

Where Can I Fish From Shore In Key Largo?

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Best Beaches for Shore Fishing

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a fantastic option for shore fishing in Key Largo. The park offers a variety of beach areas where you can cast your line and reel in some fish. The crystal clear waters and abundant marine life make this location a favorite among anglers. Whether you prefer to fish from the shore or wade into the water, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park has something for everyone.

Key Largo Community Park

Key Largo Community Park is another excellent spot for shore fishing. With its convenient location and well-maintained beach, it is a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike. The park offers ample parking, restroom facilities, and picnic areas, making it a great place to spend a day fishing with friends and family. Be sure to pack your fishing gear and enjoy the beautiful surroundings this park has to offer.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is a hidden gem for shore fishing enthusiasts. Located near Tavernier Creek, this secluded beach provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere for casting your line. The beach is known for its calm waters, which makes it ideal for beginner anglers or those looking for a relaxing fishing experience. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and a beach chair to enjoy the breathtaking views while waiting for a bite.

Harry Harris Park

Harry Harris Park is a must-visit destination for shore fishing in Key Largo. This expansive park boasts a beautiful sandy beach where you can set up your fishing spot. The park’s proximity to the Gulf Stream offers excellent fishing opportunities, with a variety of fish species to target. Additionally, Harry Harris Park provides amenities such as picnic areas, pavilions, and playgrounds, making it a great place for a fishing trip with the whole family.

Piers and Docks for Shore Fishing

Anglers Club Park Pier

Anglers Club Park Pier is a popular spot for shore fishing in Key Largo. This pier provides anglers with the perfect platform to cast their lines into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The structure of the pier offers a unique fishing experience, allowing you to access deeper waters where larger fish tend to linger. Whether you prefer to use bait or lures, Anglers Club Park Pier is a great place to reel in your catch of the day.

Mandalay Bay Pier

Mandalay Bay Pier offers another excellent option for shore fishing enthusiasts in Key Largo. This pier is known for its panoramic views and calm fishing conditions. Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a variety of fish species to target from this popular spot. The pier provides ample space for casting your line and is equipped with safety railings for your convenience. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear and enjoy a day of fishing at Mandalay Bay Pier.

Safe Harbor Marina

Safe Harbor Marina offers a unique opportunity for shore fishing in Key Largo. This marina features a dedicated fishing dock that extends into the clear blue waters of Key Largo. With its calm and protected location, you’ll have the chance to catch a wide range of fish species, including snapper, grouper, and tarpon. The marina also provides parking facilities, restrooms, and restaurants, making it a convenient and enjoyable fishing spot for both locals and visitors.

Mariners Club Pier

Mariners Club Pier is a hidden gem for shore fishing in Key Largo. Tucked away in a private community, this tranquil pier offers a peaceful fishing experience away from the crowds. The pier is well-maintained and provides anglers with ample space to cast their lines. Whether you’re a fan of live bait or prefer to use artificial lures, Mariners Club Pier is a great place to try your luck at catching some fish. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear and enjoy the serenity of this picturesque fishing spot.

Where Can I Fish From Shore In Key Largo?

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Fishing Spots Along the Shoreline

Rocky Point

Rocky Point is a renowned fishing spot along the shoreline in Key Largo. This area offers a rocky coastline, which attracts various fish species seeking shelter and feeding opportunities. From snappers to grouper, you’ll have a good chance of reeling in some impressive catches at Rocky Point. It’s important to note that the rocky terrain can make fishing challenging, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear and exercise caution while casting your line.

Cracked Conch Cove

Cracked Conch Cove is a hidden treasure for shore fishing enthusiasts in Key Largo. This secluded cove provides a tranquil setting and is known for its abundance of fish. The shallow waters make it an excellent spot for wading and casting from the shore. Whether you’re targeting snook, redfish, or bonefish, Cracked Conch Cove offers a promising fishing experience. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful fishing spot.

South Sound

South Sound is a popular fishing spot along the shoreline in Key Largo. This shallow area is teeming with marine life, providing ample opportunities to catch a variety of fish species. From tarpon to snook, you’ll have a chance to reel in some trophy-worthy catches at South Sound. Consider using live bait or topwater lures to entice fish in this area. Remember to respect the natural environment and practice catch and release to preserve the fish population.

Dusenbury Creek

Dusenbury Creek is a hidden gem for shore fishing in Key Largo. Nestled within mangrove forests, this creek offers a unique fishing experience. The narrow waterways and lush vegetation create a picturesque backdrop while you cast your line. Dusenbury Creek is home to various fish species, including redfish and snook. It’s essential to exercise caution when navigating the narrow channels, as the water can be shallow and the mangroves can be dense. With proper gear and a keen eye, you’ll have a rewarding fishing adventure at Dusenbury Creek.

Fishing Regulations and Permits

Fishing License

Before embarking on your shore fishing adventure in Key Largo, it’s important to ensure that you have a valid fishing license. Florida requires both residents and non-residents to possess a fishing license when engaging in recreational fishing activities. Licenses can be obtained online, at local bait and tackle shops, or through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) website. By having a fishing license, you contribute to the conservation efforts and support sustainable fishing practices.

Protected Areas

Key Largo, like many other areas in Florida, has designated protected areas that are off-limits to fishing. These protected areas serve as critical habitats for various marine species, contributing to their conservation and population growth. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations and boundaries of these protected areas to ensure compliance. The FWC website provides detailed information on the protected areas in Key Largo, allowing you to fish responsibly and preserve the delicate ecosystem.

Catch Limits

When fishing from shore in Key Largo, it’s essential to be aware of the catch limits imposed by the FWC. Catch limits refer to the number and size of fish that anglers are allowed to keep during their fishing trips. These limits vary depending on the species of fish and the location where you are fishing. By adhering to catch limits, you contribute to sustainable fishing practices and help maintain healthy fish populations. The FWC website provides up-to-date information on catch limits, ensuring you stay within the legal boundaries while fishing in Key Largo.

Where Can I Fish From Shore In Key Largo?

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Best Time of Year for Shore Fishing


Spring is an ideal time for shore fishing in Key Largo. As the weather warms up, various fish species become more active and start moving closer to the shoreline. This increased activity creates excellent fishing conditions, with a higher chance of reeling in some prized catches. Species such as tarpon, snook, and redfish are particularly abundant during the spring months. Be sure to check the local fishing reports and plan your fishing trips accordingly to make the most of the spring fishing season in Key Largo.


Summer is another fantastic time for shore fishing in Key Largo. The warm waters and longer days provide ample opportunities to explore different fishing spots along the shoreline. In the summer, species like bonefish and snappers are commonly found in the shallow waters, making them a prime target for anglers. Additionally, the calm weather creates ideal conditions for both experienced anglers and beginners to enjoy a day of fishing. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and bring plenty of bait to make your summer fishing trips in Key Largo unforgettable.


Fall is a favorite season for many shore fishing enthusiasts in Key Largo. As the temperatures begin to cool down, fish species such as redfish, snook, and tarpon become more active near the shore. The changing weather patterns and decreased fishing pressure contribute to excellent fishing conditions. Anglers can expect a slightly slower pace compared to the summer months, allowing for a more relaxed and peaceful fishing experience. Fall is also an excellent time to witness the natural beauty of Key Largo, with vibrant foliage and stunning sunsets accompanying your fishing adventures.


Winter may bring cooler temperatures to Key Largo, but the fishing opportunities remain plentiful. With fewer crowds and milder weather compared to other parts of the country, winter fishing in Key Largo offers a peaceful and serene experience. Species like redfish, snook, and tarpon continue to be active, providing anglers with exciting fishing opportunities. However, it’s important to note that some fish may migrate to deeper waters during colder periods. By adjusting your fishing techniques and targeting the right areas, you can still enjoy a successful fishing trip during the winter months in Key Largo.

Tackle and Equipment for Shore Fishing

Rods and Reels

When it comes to shore fishing in Key Largo, selecting the right rods and reels is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. A medium to heavy-action rod paired with a spinning or baitcasting reel is ideal for targeting a variety of fish species. The rod’s length should be between 7 and 9 feet, allowing for longer and more accurate casts. Depending on your fishing preferences, consider choosing a rod and reel combo that is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, ensuring durability and versatility.

Bait and Lures

Choosing the right bait and lures is crucial for enticing fish to bite while shore fishing in Key Largo. Live shrimp, pilchards, and pinfish are popular live baits that attract a wide range of species. When it comes to artificial lures, options such as crankbaits, soft plastics, and topwater lures can be highly effective in enticing fish to strike. It’s important to have a variety of bait options in your tackle box to adapt to different fishing conditions and target different species. Consider experimenting with different colors and sizes to determine what works best in the specific areas you are fishing.

Fishing Line

Selecting the appropriate fishing line is key to ensuring a successful catch while shore fishing in Key Largo. When fishing in saltwater, it is recommended to use a monofilament or braided line with a higher pound test. A 12 to 20-pound test line is typically suitable for most shore fishing situations. This line strength provides the necessary durability to handle larger fish species while still maintaining good sensitivity to detect bites. Regularly inspect your fishing line for any signs of wear or damage and replace it as needed to avoid any unwanted breakages during your fishing trips.

Tackle Box

A well-stocked tackle box is essential for a productive and enjoyable shore fishing experience in Key Largo. In addition to your rods, reels, and bait, your tackle box should also include essential fishing accessories. Hooks of various sizes, sinkers, swivels, and bobbers are some of the basic items that should be included. Additionally, having a pair of pliers, a knife, and a first aid kit is always a good idea. Remember to organize your tackle box to easily locate and access the necessary items while fishing. Being prepared with a fully stocked tackle box will ensure that you have what you need for a successful catch.

Where Can I Fish From Shore In Key Largo?

Tips and Techniques for Shore Fishing

Casting and Retrieving

Mastering the art of casting and retrieving is essential for shore fishing success in Key Largo. Whether you’re casting from the beach, a pier, or along the shoreline, proper technique plays a crucial role in effectively presenting your bait or lure to the fish. Practice your casting skills to improve accuracy and distance. When retrieving, vary your speed and pause occasionally to mimic the movements of natural prey, which can entice fish to strike. Pay attention to your surroundings and adjust your casting and retrieving techniques based on the fishing conditions and the behavior of the fish.

Finding Fish

Knowing where to find fish is essential for a successful shore fishing adventure in Key Largo. Look for areas with structure such as rocks, reefs, and vegetation, as these provide shelter and feeding opportunities for fish. Pay attention to changes in water depth, as fish often gather near drop-offs and underwater ledges. Birds and other wildlife can also indicate the presence of fish, so keep an eye out for any signs of activity. If possible, talk to local anglers or consult fishing guides to get insider tips on the best fishing spots in Key Largo.

Reading Tides and Currents

Understanding the tides and currents is a valuable skill when it comes to shore fishing in Key Largo. The movement of water can significantly impact the behavior and feeding patterns of fish. Study tide charts and be aware of the tidal cycles during your fishing trips. As the tide changes, fish may move in and out of different areas, presenting new opportunities for anglers. Additionally, pay attention to the direction and strength of the currents, as they can dictate where fish congregate. By being knowledgeable about tides and currents, you can strategically plan your fishing trips and increase your chances of a successful catch.

Patience and Persistence

Patience and persistence are key traits of successful shore fishermen in Key Largo. Fishing from the shore can sometimes require more time and effort compared to fishing from a boat. It’s important to note that fish may not be biting consistently or immediately, so remaining patient is crucial. Keep trying different techniques, adjusting your bait or lure presentation, and exploring different fishing spots until you find success. Remember, the thrill of reeling in a prized catch is often the result of perseverance and dedication. Enjoy the process, soak in the beautiful surroundings, and embrace the excitement of shore fishing in Key Largo.

Targeted Fish Species


Bonefish are highly sought after by anglers visiting Key Largo. Known for their speed and elusive nature, catching a bonefish can be a thrilling experience. These silver-colored fish inhabit the shallow flats and mangrove-lined areas of Key Largo. They are known to be aggressive feeders, making them susceptible to both live bait and artificial lures. Bonefish are prized for their fighting ability and make for a challenging catch. Targeting bonefish requires patience, stealth, and precise casting. Always handle bonefish with care and practice catch and release to preserve their population.


Tarpon are often referred to as the “silver kings” of Key Largo, and for good reason. These majestic fish can reach impressive sizes, with some individuals exceeding 100 pounds. Key Largo’s warm waters provide an ideal habitat for tarpon throughout the year. Known for their acrobatic leaps and powerful runs, tarpon provide a thrilling fishing experience. Live bait, such as crabs or mullet, is commonly used to entice tarpon to bite. However, tarpon can also be targeted with large, flashy artificial lures. Catching a tarpon requires patience, strength, and proper gear to handle their intense fights. Remember to handle tarpon with care and practice catch and release to protect their population.


Snook are a popular target species for anglers in Key Largo. These fish can be found in the mangrove-lined shorelines, bridges, and piers. Snook have a distinctive body shape, with a protruding lower jaw and a black lateral line running along their sides. They are known for their aggressive strikes and strong fights, making them a favorite among anglers. Live bait, such as pilchards or shrimp, is commonly used to entice snook to bite. Artificial lures, such as jerkbaits or soft plastics, can also be effective in triggering strikes. Snook have specific regulations regarding size limits and catch seasons, so be sure to check the FWC guidelines before keeping any fish.


Redfish, also known as red drum, are a popular sportfish found in the waters of Key Largo. These fish can be easily identified by their reddish-bronze coloration and distinctive black spot on their tails. Redfish are often found in the shallow grass flats, mangrove shorelines, and near oyster bars. They are known to be opportunistic feeders, targeting a variety of prey such as shrimp, crabs, and small fish. Live bait, such as pinfish or mullet, is commonly used to entice redfish to bite. Artificial lures, such as spoons or soft plastics, can also be effective in imitating their natural prey. Redfish provide exciting fights and make for excellent table fare. However, it’s important to be aware of the size and bag limits set by the FWC to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

Where Can I Fish From Shore In Key Largo?

Other Activities in Key Largo

Snorkeling and Diving

Key Largo is renowned for its spectacular snorkeling and diving opportunities. The crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs attract divers and snorkelers from around the world. Explore the underwater marine life, encounter colorful fish, and marvel at the breathtaking coral formations. Numerous dive shops in Key Largo offer guided tours and equipment rentals for both beginners and experienced divers. Snorkeling and diving in Key Largo provide an immersive and unforgettable experience that complements your shore fishing adventures.

Boating and Kayaking

Renting a boat or kayak is a fantastic way to explore the scenic waters surrounding Key Largo. With an abundance of coves, islands, and hidden fishing spots, boating or kayaking allows you to access areas that are not easily accessible from the shore. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of exploring at your own pace, while soaking in the natural beauty of Key Largo. Bring your fishing gear on board and cast your line in different spots, or simply cruise along the shoreline and admire the coastal scenery.

Nature Trails and Wildlife

Key Largo is not just a paradise for fishing and water activities; it also offers several nature trails and wildlife encounters. Visit the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, where you can observe and learn about various bird species that inhabit the area. Explore the trails of the Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park, which features diverse habitats and indigenous plant species. Keep your eyes open for sightings of native wildlife such as iguanas, dolphins, and manatees. Key Largo’s natural wonders provide a balance to your fishing adventures, allowing you to connect with the unique environment and appreciate its ecological significance.

Local Fishing Guides and Charters

Key Largo Fishing Adventures

Key Largo Fishing Adventures offers professional fishing guides and charters for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the ropes or an experienced angler seeking a customized fishing experience, their team of knowledgeable guides will ensure a memorable trip. They are familiar with the best fishing spots in Key Largo and can provide valuable tips and techniques to maximize your chances of catching fish. Key Largo Fishing Adventures offers a variety of charter options, including half-day, full-day, and night fishing trips.

SeaSquared Charters

SeaSquared Charters provides top-notch fishing charters in Key Largo. Their experienced captains have extensive knowledge of the local fishing grounds and can cater to anglers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re interested in inshore fishing, offshore fishing, or reef fishing, SeaSquared Charters has the expertise to deliver an unforgettable fishing experience. Their modern fleet of boats is equipped with state-of-the-art fishing equipment and amenities to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the trip.

Affinity Charters

Affinity Charters is a premier fishing charter service in Key Largo, offering personalized fishing experiences tailored to your preferences. Their experienced guides possess a deep understanding of the local waters and can help you target a wide range of fish species. From family-friendly fishing trips to more specialized excursions for seasoned anglers, Affinity Charters ensures a memorable fishing adventure. Their charters include all necessary fishing equipment and can accommodate both small and large groups.

Dream Catcher Charters

Dream Catcher Charters is a highly reputable fishing charter company in Key Largo, known for providing exceptional fishing experiences. Their team of professional captains has extensive knowledge of the local fisheries and can guide you to the best spots to catch fish. Whether you prefer light tackle fishing, fly fishing, or offshore trolling, Dream Catcher Charters has a charter package to suit your needs. Their commitment to sustainable fishing practices and conservation ensures that you can enjoy a responsible and environmentally conscious fishing trip.

In conclusion, Key Largo offers a wide range of options for shore fishing enthusiasts. From beautiful beaches to piers and docks, there are numerous spots to cast your line and reel in some impressive catches. Understanding fishing regulations and permits is crucial to ensure a legal and sustainable fishing experience. The best time of year to fish from the shore in Key Largo varies, with each season offering its unique opportunities. Equipping yourself with the right tackle and gear is essential for a successful fishing trip, and mastering tips and techniques can greatly enhance your chances of catching fish. Additionally, combine your shore fishing adventures with other activities in Key Largo, such as snorkeling, boating, and exploring nature trails, to make the most of your trip. Finally, consider hiring a local fishing guide or charter to enhance your fishing experience and gain insider knowledge of the best fishing spots in Key Largo. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-time visitor, Key Largo’s diverse fishing opportunities and natural beauty are sure to leave a lasting impression.