Where Can I Fish In Key West?

If you find yourself in Key West and itching to cast a line, you’re in luck! This picturesque island offers a plethora of fishing spots that will satisfy even the most avid angler. From the tranquil waters of the backcountry to the thrilling action of deep-sea fishing, Key West has it all. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner looking to reel in your first catch, Key West has something for everyone. So grab your gear, pack some sunscreen, and get ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure in the vibrant waters of Key West!

Where Can I Fish In Key West?

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Best Fishing Spots in Key West

The Marquesas Keys

The Marquesas Keys, located about 20 miles west of Key West, are a group of uninhabited islands that offer excellent fishing opportunities. The crystal-clear waters surrounding the Marquesas Keys are known for their abundance of fish. Here, you can expect to catch a variety of species including tarpon, bonefish, permit, snapper, and grouper.

The Dry Tortugas

The Dry Tortugas, a remote group of islands located about 70 miles west of Key West, is another prime fishing spot. These islands are home to some of the most pristine and untouched waters in the Florida Keys. In the waters surrounding the Dry Tortugas, you can find a wide range of fish species, including tarpon, snapper, grouper, and mahi-mahi. The area is also known for its abundant coral reefs, which provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

Backcountry Waters

Key West’s backcountry waters, including the expansive flats and mangrove-lined channels, are a haven for anglers. The shallow, clear waters of the backcountry make it an ideal spot for targeting bonefish, permit, and tarpon. These species are known for their speed and agility, providing anglers with an exciting challenge. With the guidance of a knowledgeable guide, you can navigate the backcountry waters and have a rewarding fishing experience.

Nearshore Reefs

The nearshore reefs of Key West are easily accessible and offer excellent fishing opportunities. These reefs are teeming with diverse marine life, making them a popular destination for anglers of all skill levels. Some of the species you can expect to encounter while fishing nearshore reefs include snapper, grouper, and king mackerel. Fishing near the reefs not only offers a chance to catch delicious fish but also provides an opportunity to enjoy the stunning underwater scenery.

Offshore Waters

For those seeking bigger and more exhilarating fishing adventures, Key West’s offshore waters are the place to be. The Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current, flows just a few miles off the coast of Key West, attracting a wide range of pelagic game fish. Offshore anglers often target species such as mahi-mahi, tuna, sailfish, and wahoo. With the help of an experienced charter captain, you can head out into the deep blue waters and enjoy an unforgettable offshore fishing experience.

Types of Fish to Catch in Key West


Tarpon, also known as the “silver king,” is one of the most sought-after game fish in Key West. These powerful and acrobatic fish are known for their impressive jumps and drag-screaming runs. Targeting tarpon requires patience and skill, as they can be selective feeders. Key West’s backcountry and nearshore waters are prime locations for tarpon fishing, especially during the spring and summer months.


Key West is renowned for its bonefish population, making it a top destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. Bonefish are known for their speed and challenging nature, making them a thrilling catch. These elusive fish can be found in the shallow flats and channels of Key West’s backcountry, where they feed on crustaceans and small baitfish. Sight fishing for bonefish is a popular technique, requiring stealth and accurate casting.


Permit, often referred to as the “gray ghost,” are a prized catch for many anglers in Key West. These highly prized fish are known for their beauty and challenging nature. Permit can be found in a variety of habitats, including flats, channels, and nearshore wrecks. They have a keen sense of awareness and are notoriously difficult to fool. Targeting permit requires finesse and presenting the right fly or bait.


Snapper are abundant in the waters around Key West and provide anglers with delicious and exciting fishing opportunities. There are several species of snapper that can be found in Key West, including yellowtail, mangrove, and mutton snapper. These fish are often found near reefs and structures, where they feed on smaller fish and crustaceans. Snapper fishing can be enjoyed both inshore and offshore, making it accessible to anglers of all skill levels.


Key West is home to a variety of grouper species, including black grouper, red grouper, and gag grouper. These bottom-dwelling fish are known for their sheer size and strength. Grouper can be found near reefs, wrecks, and rocky structures, where they feed on smaller fish and crustaceans. They put up a good fight and provide anglers with a thrilling fishing experience. Grouper fishing is regulated to protect the population, so anglers must adhere to size and bag limits.


Mahi-Mahi, also known as dolphin fish, are highly prized for their vibrant colors and delicious flesh. These pelagic fish are often found offshore, where they congregate around floating objects such as seaweed, debris, and buoys. Mahi-Mahi are known for their acrobatic jumps and fast, powerful runs. They are a favorite target for offshore anglers during the warmer months of the year.


Various tuna species can be found in the offshore waters of Key West, including blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and skipjack tuna. These fast-swimming fish are known for their strength and speed, providing anglers with an exhilarating battle. Tuna are often found feeding near floating debris or chasing schools of baitfish. These pelagic predators are highly sought after by offshore anglers and are prized for their delicious, sushi-grade flesh.


Sailfish are magnificent creatures and a sought-after catch for many offshore anglers in Key West. These billfish are known for their speed, agility, and iconic sail-like dorsal fin. Sailfish can be found in the offshore waters, particularly near the Gulf Stream, where they feed on smaller fish. Targeting sailfish often involves trolling with live bait or artificial lures. Reeling in a sailfish is an unforgettable experience due to their acrobatic jumps and fierce fighting.


Wahoo is another highly prized game fish found in the offshore waters of Key West. These fast-swimming predators are known for their razor-sharp teeth, powerful runs, and delicious flesh. Wahoo can be found near offshore weed lines, reefs, and drop-offs, where they ambush their prey. Offshore anglers often target wahoo by high-speed trolling with lures or slow-trolling with live baits, such as ballyhoo or bonito strips.

King Mackerel

King mackerel, also known as kingfish or kingfish, are abundant in the waters around Key West. These fast and aggressive fish provide anglers with thrilling action and delicious meat. King mackerel are often found near offshore wrecks, reefs, and structures, where they feed on schools of baitfish. Targeting king mackerel involves trolling with live bait or artificial lures, as well as slow-trolling or drifting with natural baits. These fish are known for their blistering runs and aerial acrobatics.

Where Can I Fish In Key West?

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Fishing Charters in Key West

Charter Companies

Key West is home to numerous fishing charter companies that offer a wide range of services to suit every angler’s needs. These charter companies provide experienced captains and fully-equipped boats, ensuring a safe and enjoyable fishing experience. From half-day trips to multi-day excursions, there are plenty of fishing charter options available in Key West.

Half-Day Charters

If you’re short on time but still want to experience the thrill of fishing in Key West, half-day charters are the perfect option. These charters typically last for around 4-5 hours and allow you to target a variety of fish species depending on the season. Half-day charters are a great option for families or beginners looking to get a taste of Key West’s fishing scene.

Full-Day Charters

For a more immersive fishing experience, full-day charters are a popular choice among anglers. These charters generally last for around 8 hours and provide ample time to explore different fishing grounds and target various fish species. With a full-day charter, you have the opportunity to venture further offshore and increase your chances of hooking into larger game fish.

Private Charters

If you prefer a more personalized fishing experience, private charters are available in Key West. Private charters cater to smaller groups and allow you to customize your fishing trip according to your preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking for a challenging adventure or a family wanting a private fishing excursion, a private charter can provide the flexibility and exclusivity you desire.

Fishing License


To legally fish in Key West, anglers are required to have a valid fishing license. This license applies to both residents and non-residents of Florida who are 16 years of age or older. It is important to note that certain exemptions exist for specific groups, such as seniors or individuals with disabilities. However, most anglers will need to obtain a fishing license before casting their lines.

Where to Obtain

Fishing licenses can be obtained online through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) website or by visiting a local FWC office or authorized retailer. The online option offers convenience and allows anglers to purchase and print their licenses from the comfort of their own home. Licenses obtained online are typically valid immediately upon purchase.


The cost of a fishing license in Key West varies depending on factors such as residency status, duration of the license, and whether it is for freshwater or saltwater fishing. Prices range from a few dollars for a one-day license to around $30 for an annual license for residents. Non-residents can expect to pay slightly higher fees. It is essential to check the FWC website for the most up-to-date information on fishing license costs.

Where Can I Fish In Key West?

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Best Time to Fish in Key West


Key West offers excellent fishing opportunities year-round, but certain seasons are more productive for specific species. The spring and summer months, particularly from March to August, are considered prime time for tarpon fishing. These months also offer good chances of encountering other popular species such as bonefish and permit. Fall (September to November) is known for its mahi-mahi and sailfish runs, while winter (December to February) is a great time for targeting species such as king mackerel and wahoo.


Understanding tidal patterns can significantly improve your fishing success in Key West. Many species are more active during specific tidal phases, such as the incoming tide or outgoing tide. Paying attention to tide charts and planning your fishing trips accordingly can increase your chances of encountering feeding fish. Additionally, certain species, such as bonefish, often prefer feeding on the flats during low tide, making it an ideal time to target them.

Dawn and Dusk

The early morning and late evening hours, known as dawn and dusk, are considered optimal fishing times in Key West. During these periods, fish are often more active and eager to feed. The low light conditions make it harder for fish to see anglers, providing an advantage for both fly fishing and spin fishing. If you want to experience the best fishing Key West has to offer, consider planning your trips around the sunrise and sunset.

Fishing Techniques in Key West

Fly Fishing

Key West is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts, with its shallow flats and clear waters providing an ideal environment for targeting bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Fly fishing requires precise casting and a stealthy approach to fool these smart and wary fish. Whether you prefer sight fishing on the flats or targeting tarpon in the backcountry, Key West offers ample opportunities to practice and improve your fly fishing skills.

Spin Fishing

Spin fishing is a versatile technique that allows anglers to target a wide range of fish species in Key West. From casting artificial lures to using live bait, spin fishing offers a dynamic and exciting fishing experience. Whether you’re fishing the backcountry, nearshore reefs, or offshore waters, spin fishing allows you to cover a larger area and target a variety of species, including snapper, grouper, and king mackerel.


Trolling is a popular technique used by offshore anglers in Key West to cover vast stretches of water and entice pelagic species such as mahi-mahi, tuna, and sailfish. It involves towing bait or lures behind a moving boat to simulate a swimming prey. Offshore trolling typically uses larger, more robust rods and reels to handle the powerful runs of game fish. The thrill of a strike and the subsequent fight make trolling a favorite among many anglers.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is a technique commonly used in Key West to target species such as snapper, grouper, and king mackerel. It involves dropping baited hooks to the ocean floor near reefs or structures where these fish congregate. Bottom fishing can be done from a stationary position or by drifting with the current. Patience is key when bottom fishing, as it may take some time for the fish to locate and bite the bait.

Kite Fishing

Kite fishing is a specialized technique used by anglers in Key West to target sailfish and other pelagic species. It involves suspending baits from a kite, which is flown above the water’s surface. The kite allows anglers to keep the bait at the desired depth and position, increasing the chances of attracting and hooking fish. Kite fishing requires precise rigging and careful kite handling to ensure a successful and thrilling fishing experience.

Where Can I Fish In Key West?

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Fishing Regulations in Key West

Size and Bag Limits

To ensure the sustainability of Key West’s fish populations, there are regulations in place regarding the size and bag limits of certain species. Size limits specify the minimum size at which a fish can be legally kept, while bag limits dictate the maximum number of fish that can be harvested within a specific time frame. It is crucial for anglers to familiarize themselves with these regulations and adhere to them to protect the fishery for future generations.

Protected Species

Key West is home to several protected species that are off-limits to harvest or strictly regulated. These species include various types of coral, sea turtles, and certain types of sharks. Anglers should educate themselves on the protected species in Key West and be aware of the guidelines set by environmental protection agencies. Respecting these regulations and practicing responsible fishing ensures the preservation of the delicate marine ecosystem.

Coral Reef Protection

Key West’s coral reefs are fragile and vulnerable ecosystems that require protection and conservation efforts. Anchoring on coral reefs can cause significant damage, so it is essential for anglers to use mooring buoys or anchor in designated areas. Additionally, anglers should avoid standing or touching coral formations to prevent further harm. By following responsible fishing practices, anglers can enjoy the beauty of Key West’s coral reefs while minimizing their environmental impact.

Fishing Equipment and Gear

Rods and Reels

The choice of fishing equipment and gear depends on the target species and fishing technique. For light tackle fishing in the backcountry or nearshore waters, a medium to a medium-heavy spinning rod and reel combo is suitable. Anglers targeting larger game fish offshore may opt for heavy-duty conventional reels paired with stout rods. It’s essential to match the equipment to the species you intend to catch to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Baits and Lures

Key West offers a variety of fishing baits and lures to entice different fish species. Live baits such as shrimp, pinfish, and pilchards are popular choices for targeting snapper, grouper, and tarpon. Artificial lures such as soft plastics, topwater plugs, and spoons are effective for attracting species like bonefish, permit, and mahi-mahi. Anglers should have a diverse selection of baits and lures to adapt to the changing fishing conditions and preferences of the fish.

Tackle Shops

Key West is home to several tackle shops that cater to the needs of anglers. These shops offer a wide range of fishing equipment, bait, and tackle for all types of fishing. Whether you need to stock up on hooks and sinkers, update your rod and reel, or get advice from knowledgeable staff, tackle shops in Key West are your go-to resource to ensure you have all the necessary gear for a successful fishing trip.

Where Can I Fish In Key West?

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Fish Cleaning and Cooking

Cleaning Your Catch

After a rewarding day of fishing in Key West, it’s time to clean and prepare the fish for consumption. If you’re not familiar with fish cleaning techniques, it’s recommended to seek the assistance of a professional fish cleaning service or your fishing charter captain. They can expertly fillet and clean your catch, ensuring that you make the most of your fresh seafood.

Local Seafood Restaurants

Key West is famous for its seafood cuisine, and there are numerous restaurants that offer delectable dishes featuring locally caught fish. From fried snapper and grilled mahi-mahi to blackened grouper and seared tuna, Key West’s seafood restaurants provide a wide variety of flavors and preparations to suit everyone’s taste. Indulge in the mouthwatering culinary delights and savor the fresh flavors of the sea.

Cooking Tips

If you prefer to cook your catch yourself, there are various cooking methods and recipes to try. Whether you’re grilling, baking, or pan-frying your fish, it’s important to make sure it is cooked to perfection. Fresh fish requires minimal seasoning to let its natural flavors shine. Experiment with marinades, rubs, and herbs to enhance the taste of your catch. Key West’s fresh seafood is a delight to cook and offers endless possibilities for culinary creativity.

Fishing Tips and Tricks

Local Knowledge

Taking advantage of local knowledge is essential for a successful fishing trip in Key West. The local guides and charter captains possess invaluable insights into the best fishing spots, techniques, and species behavior. They can provide tips and tricks tailored to the current fishing conditions and help you maximize your chances of catching fish. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tap into their expertise to make the most of your time on the water.

Weather Conditions

Being aware of the weather conditions is crucial for planning a safe and productive fishing trip in Key West. Pay attention to factors such as wind speed, wave height, and precipitation forecasts. Certain weather patterns can affect fish behavior and feeding habits. For example, a rising barometer and calm conditions often coincide with increased fish activity. Keeping an eye on weather updates and adjusting your fishing strategy accordingly can significantly impact your success rate.

Time of Day

In addition to considering the season and tides, the time of day can also influence your fishing success in Key West. As mentioned earlier, dawn and dusk are typically the most productive times to fish due to increased fish activity. However, certain species may exhibit different feeding patterns depending on the time of day. Observing fish behavior and adjusting your fishing schedule accordingly can help you target the most active fish.

Key West offers a diverse and exciting fishing experience for anglers of all levels. Whether you’re targeting the elusive bonefish on the flats, battling with giant tarpon, or offshore fishing for pelagic species, Key West’s waters hold endless possibilities. By following the regulations, respecting the environment, and utilizing the local knowledge, you can make the most of your fishing adventures in Key West. So grab your gear, hop on a charter, and get ready for an unforgettable fishing experience.